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Intro to Knots

Learn to tie knots with Rob Nelson of StoneAgeMan.

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Why Choose this Course?

Learn to Tie Useful Knots with StoneAgeMan’s Rob Nelson

Rob is a biologist whose goal is to help people interpret and understand the natural world a bit better. He teaches survival skills through his online content and annual trips. Rob is passionate about understanding the world and how to survive in it. In this course, he will teach you about the most important knots, how to tie them, and the scenarios in which each should be used. This course should “knot” be missed (pun intended).

Easy Learning System

This course is entirely video based, making the information fun to learn and easy to retain. Plus, you can go back and rewatch the content as many times as you want.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Learn How to Tie Knots

Easy, self-paced learning wherever you want it. The lessons are engaging, and the course saves your progress wherever you leave off.

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Rob Nelson and StoneAgeMan

Rob Nelson is a biologist who created StoneAgeMan as a way for people to learn more about the wilder side of the planet. He is passionate about the planet and all things that inhabit it. Rob believes that learning primitive skills and getting back to nature is good for the soul. As part of his efforts to encourage people to get outside and explore, he hosts two annual trips to remote locations. There, he teaches survival skills and offers participants the opportunity to develop a real appreciation for our ecosystem.

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Intro to Knots

You already have the motivation to learn how to tie knots—this skill is critical to your safety in a variety of scenarios, including survival situations, rock climbing, and boating. Intro to Knots was developed by Rob Nelson of StoneAgeMan to help you take the next step in your journey.

Whether you’ve never tied a knot before or just need a refresher course, our goal is to show you the steps, give you tips to make learning easier, and help you find the same love for the great outdoors that Rob has.

Knot Tying

Rob offers techniques to help you become comfortable tying some of the knots that are most useful to know. His techniques ensure you will know how to tie these knots and can do so under any circumstance.

Tips and Strategies

Rob Nelson has developed Intro to Knots to teach you the tips and tricks that will have you exploring safely and effectively outdoors.

Here’s a sample of some of the knots covered in full detail in the course:

  • Alpine Butterfly
  • Bowline
  • Chain Sinnet
  • Clove Hitch
  • Figure Eight
  • Sheet Bend
  • Square
  • Taut Line
  • Trucker’s Hitch

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Bowline Knots

The bowline, also known as the king of knots, is a basic knot that should be in every outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal. It creates a strong, fixed loop that is easy to untie after bearing a load. It is an extremely versatile knot that can be useful in almost any outdoor situation, from sailing to camping. Also known as a rescue knot, the bowline is often used in rescue missions because it is so easy to tie. A rope can be dropped to a person in need, and that person can tie a bowline onto themselves without difficulty, allowing the rescuer to pull them to safety.

There are several types of bowline knots. This course covers three major types.

  • Simple Bowline
  • Bowline on a Bight
  • Self-Tie Bowline
Learn to Tie Bowline Knots

Figure Eight Knots

The figure eight loop is a very important knot to learn because of its wide range of applications. The figure eight is a stopper knot. Stopper knots are tied to prevent a rope from slipping through a device such as a carabiner. This knot is used often in sailing and climbing.

Learn to Tie Figure Eight Knots
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Square Knots

The square knot, also known as a reef knot, is a binding knot used to secure a rope around an object. The square knot is the first knot most of us learn because it is the knot we use when we begin tying our shoes. This knot is used often in sailing; it also is a standard medical knot. For outdoor enthusiasts, this knot is essential as it is the base for more complex knots.

Learn to Tie Square Knots

Course Features

Instructional Videos With Rob Nelson

In our course videos, Rob guides students through the basics of tying knots. He provides detailed directions on the most effective techniques that will have you exploring safely and effectively outdoors.

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