Amazing! Elk Hunt from 1063 yards

First day of elk rifle season October 10th, and it was snowing where we glassed a nice bull the previous night. Because his tracks were left behind in the fresh snow, we followed the tracks hoping to get a shot. Unfortunately, the bull caught our wind and the hunt was over. After a long, exhausting day of hiking, we decided to do a easier hunt the very next morning. The 2nd day of season, we hiked in early to an area where normally elk pull down to in October. To our surprise, we spotted a herd of elk far across the draw where we least expected to see them. We new that it was minutes that the elk herd would timber up, so we set up for Tom's farthest shot ever, but the wind conditions had to be perfect. After setting up and waiting for close to 20 minutes, the opportunity presented itself and Tom shot this bull from over 1000 yards away.

*We believe it is our responsibility to hunt in a respectful and humane way. We believe that a responsible shot is an individual decision that each hunter must make after considering all the variables at play (gear, skill, terrain and environment).